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Victoria Kereszi


Phone: 917-971-6220


Services Offered: 
Postpartum Doula, newborn care,

family photography/video, lactation care

Serving: Greater Capital Region, within

an hour radius of Saratoga

About Victoria

 I am a doula and filmmaker from the suburbs of Philadelphia, and currently reside in Troy, NY with my farm raised husband and two wild daughters.  In 2011 I became pregnant with my first daughter and planned a homebirth. At almost 36 weeks, I was struck with severe preeclampsia and had an emergency c-section at the hospital. Still receiving postpartum care from my midwife, my views of birth and the lack of postpartum attention in the medical system shifted dramatically. When my daughter was 18 months old, I started to film my midwife and the documentary film Into Loving Hands was born.  Inspired by my experience making this film, in January 2020, I received my postpartum doula certification and full-spectrum certificate from Doula Trainings International. 

Doulas help change the world one birth at a time. The fourth trimester is one of the most fragile and tender times as a new or experienced parent, which can lay the foundation for your future together as a new family. My goal is to create a safe space for you and your family as you transition during the early postpartum days, weeks, and months - by staying open minded and offering you unconditional care and support. Trust is at the core of my doula work. I share the evidence based information I’ve learned and practice cultural competency as I deeply value the fact that support looks different for each family. As your doula I will show up and hold space. I will help you process your birth story, listen to your fears and concerns. I can offer breast and chest feeding support, set up a Meal Train, hold your babe so you can shower. I will also take on your sink full of dishes, piles of laundry, and/or cook your family a meal. I have an expansive local resource list and library of books, videos, links, support groups/classes that assist new parents in: feeding, lactation, sleeping, nutrition, swaddling, baby wearing, self care, etc. If your newborn has medical needs, I can assist in the NICU or at home to take off the weight of trying to balance home and hospital life. I also have completed a full-spectrum certificate program, and am able to provide support in fertility, abortion, miscarriage and loss. I am also CPR certified for babies, children, and adults.

From a client: “I had wanted a home birth. I had wanted a lot of things that didn’t happen. Coming from a lot of tragedy in my family, I have walked through most of my life alone, without many people I could rely on. Vickie showed up at the hospital with soul food, insisting that my first meal couldn’t be hospital food. She also brought Xyah a red flower in a vase, which would be the first organic thing my babe touched in this world. My mother was not there, my father was not there, my sister was not there. Vickie was there.”

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