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Standards of Care

Each doula’s services and fees will vary according to her training and experience, however all doulas listed on this site have agreed to the following minimum standards of care.  Please contact each doula individually to learn more specifics about her fees and services offered.

Doula Network of the Capital Region
Birth Doula Practice Standards


Prenatal Visits

We strive to meet with families comprehensively to establish trust and rapport. During these visits, we will work to:

  • establish a relationship with the birthing person and their family.

  • educate with choices in childbirth (setting, providers, birth options, etc.).

  • educate with newborn feeding options.

  • plan for the postpartum period.

  • refer family to trusted support providers when necessary (classes, support groups, midwives, doctors, counselors, etc.).


Birth Support

We believe in continuous labor support. This means labor support providers will:

  • be on call during the “birth month.”

  • arrange for a back-up doula in case the need arises, and ensure that the family has met the back-up doula before the time of birth.

  • be advocates for the family with their health care providers, but will not make decisions for the family.

  • be committed to guiding families throughout the process of birth. 

  • provide immediate postpartum support in the birth setting - get family settled, help with initial breastfeeding, facilitate parental wishes for baby care.


Postpartum Care

We work to provide enough postpartum visits to help families adapt to their lives with their baby. This includes:  

  • referrals to trusted support providers when necessary.

  • availability for phone consultations for at least six weeks postpartum.

  • a minimum of three postpartum visits.


Doula Network of the Capital Region 
Postpartum Doula Practice Standards

Prenatal Care

We will provide a minimum of two prenatal visits, which will include:

  • establishing a relationship with the family.

  • referrals to trusted support providers when necessary.

  • assisting in crafting a plan for support during the postpartum period.

  • phone and email support during the pregnancy for issues pertaining to the postpartum period.


Postpartum Care

We agree to care for the family in their home for the contracted time of service.  The agreed upon services will be discussed prenatally and may include:

  • emotional support for the entire family.

  • physical comfort suggestions to help with healing after the birth.

  • breastfeeding support.

  • instruction in all baby basics including but not limited to: diapering options, burping, swaddling, bathing and soothing techniques.

  • household organization.

  • help with care of the home including dishes, laundry, and cooking nutritious meals.

  • help with sibling adjustment.

  • advice on appropriate developmental milestones.

  • brief periods of childcare so that the parents can nap or take a short break.

  • overnight support.

  • phone and/or email support for a minimum of 6 weeks after the contracted time of service.




*Notice:  The Doula Network of the Capital Region  is a networking and promotional organization whose purpose is to educate local families about the services doulas provide and to promote the mutual advancement of the interests of its members.  As such, Doula Network of the Capital Region can not and does not accept any responsibility for the individual conduct of its members, and any contracts between a member and their client are exclusive to the member and their client.

We welcome positive and constructive feedback.  Please send your feedback to The Doula Network of the Capital Region at:

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