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Rachel Hazlett

CD, Bereavement doula, CLC, BWE

Phone: 518-729-6224


Services Offered: Birth Doula, Bereavement doula, birth parent support, lactation education and support, baby wearing education

Serving: Greater Capital Region, Southern Vermont

About Rachel

Being heard, supported, empowered, and safe. I believe these are the rights of every birthing person, and I became a doula to promote these rights. 

As a doula and an educator, I offer support without judgement to birthing people and their partners. It is important to me that the families I serve are informed and involved every step of the way, and that they grow confident in their own abilities and intuition. I truly believe that "you" are the expert of your own body and your own child, and it is my job to aid in this self discovery and celebrate its truth.

As a doula, I have had the privilege of forming meaningful relationships with people from all walks of life. The impact of this is not lost on me! As a mom of four, who didn't have a doula for any of my births, I know how invaluable the support of a doula is.

In addition to doula work, I have worked for WIC for the last 6 years, where I have helped over 200 families reach their breastfeeding goals. Closely tied to my work as a CLC is my role as a baby wearing educator. This can be a meaningful way to promote bonding, not to mention, make parenting *that* much easier.

Part of my life's work includes the difficult parts of life. This includes difficulty conceiving, loss, loss through adoption, pregnancy following loss, or other unexpected outcomes. This is work close to my heart due to my own experiences, and I have specialized certification through Stillbirthday University that has taught me the skills needed to work through these painful scenarios with families. 

I am eternally grateful for every family I get to work along side and support. If you feel that I may be the right person for you, please reach out with your inquiry.

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