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Marina Angelicola


Phone: 315-525-9925



Services Offered: Birth Doula, Childbirth Education, Lactation Support and Education

Serving: Greater Capital Region

About Marina

 have always been fascinated by birth. It is a moving, magical experience that leaves all of those involved changed forever.

My call to birth work started on my own journey to motherhood. I spent years before conceiving my first child researching and learning everything I could on conception, pregnancy and birth. After becoming a self proclaimed “birth nerd” I felt well read and prepared for whatever might come my way. And then it happened- I was pregnant, and in for a total surprise. As a mom of three kids, I have learned that the surprises of parenthood never stop coming and that having good support and solid information makes all the difference.


As a doula, my goal is to prepare and support you throughout your experience. Be it through pregnancy, loss, birth or postpartum- you will have continuous judgement free, compassionate support. I am committed to staying up to date on the latest research and evidence, and my job as a student “birth nerd” is a never ending one. One of my favorite parts of this work is being able to provide my clients with evidence based, credible information so that they can make their own decisions and be confident in their choices.  To be able to provide you with information, resources, support and validation is a great honor. I realize the intimacy and sacredness of this work and am so grateful for the ability to provide support during this time in your life. 

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