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About Kristina

I became interested in birth work during my first pregnancy.  As I began to learn about the birth process I was amazed and fascinated. I also began to see a need for women to have more experiences that empower them. After experiencing my own powerful births, my interest quickly led to a passion for supporting women during this incredibly beautiful and transformative experience.


I am committed to providing families with compassionate care and evidence-based information. Families are faced with many decisions beginning in pregnancy as they prepare for birth, during labor and after birth. The support a woman receives during this time directly impacts how she will feel about her experiences and how she will transition. I provide support throughout the entire childbearing journey as we spend time together thoughtfully in prenatal appointments, birth support, and follow-up postpartum visits. My goal is to make sure every mother and family feels completely supported by providing personal care with unbiased, evidence-based information. I understand each mother and family is unique and therefore the decisions they make will be unique.


It is an honor to support mothers and families through this journey as a doula. I also support families at home as a homebirth midwife assistant.

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