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Josie Hart

Services: Birth Doula, Reiki Master,  Pre & Post Natal Yoga Instructor, Mentor

Phone:  518-618-2371



Services Offered: Services: Birth Doula,  Reiki, Pre & Post Natal Yoga

About Josie

Josie Hart is a mother of five, grandmother to one, birth doula, mentor, and Reiki master.  After an extensive history of supporting births of family and friends, she trained as a birth doula with DONA International in 2021.  Following her own birth experiences, as well as those of other birthing people she knew, she became passionate about supporting others during their pregnancies and births.  By providing physical and emotional support, along with evidence based information, Josie helps pregnant people feel safe and empowered to make informed decisions regarding their bodies and their births.  She believes that every birthing person should have the autonomy to birth in their way and in their power.  


Josie is also a Reiki Master trained in Usui/Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® and certified to teach prenatal and postnatal yoga. She loves having the ability to add Reiki energy healing, for those who request it, as a way to assist her clients during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. 


You can  learn more about her services and/or book a free 30 minute consultation through any of the contact methods listed above. 


When she is not supporting birth or working with Reiki, she enjoys writing, practicing her love of yoga, hiking trails in this beautiful Upstate NY area or  her most favorite pastime, spending time with her children, granddaughter, and extended family at her home. 


 She loves what she does and would love to connect!


“…how a person is cared for and supported during birth is a major influence, not only in how they give birth but also in how they feel about the birth for years to come.” ~The Birth Partner


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