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Emily Cooper

The Woodworking Doula

Phone: 405-323-7952

Email: emily.c.doula@gmail.com

Website: www.ecdoula.net

Services Offered: Birth Doula

Serving: The Greater Capitol Region,

an hour radius of Troy, NY

About Emily

As a doula, I bring inclusive, honest, warm-hearted, and informed evidence-based care to each of my clients. Parents-to-be deserve a fulfilling emotional, educational, and physical experience: Each person is different, every birth is unique, and my hope is to empower my clients to feel proud about their individual story.


My interest in birth-work started with listening to birth stories from women of color. While researching at the University of Albany, I learned about racial and ethnic disparities in birth rates and wanted to understand how I could help change negative outcomes for birthing people. Advocacy work is how I discovered doula services, and the power of this highly personalized support to create positive outcomes. It continues to be the passion that I carry with me for each of my clients. I trained at Carriage House Birth in Brooklyn, and had my first birth two weeks later. I immediately knew that this was the role I was meant to play, and I look forward to supporting my clients through their full experience— before, during, and after the moment of birth.